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Restoration & Repair


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“We greatly appreciate the outstanding preservation of "Valley View" during its first hundred years. George you are part of our hearts, and a part of the heart of this house.”

Recreating the look of history, pairing it
with today’s environmental friendliness

Restoration & Repair
Restoring an older home to its original state shows your love of your home’s architectural and structural features and your respect for its history. But what constitutes good restoration?

For starters, choosing a restoration contractor you can trust—someone who will display the same caring attitude toward your home and its history as you do. You can rest assured at S-L Painting we’ll do just that. Our experts provide you with a free, customized estimate that details scope of work, including any problem areas. And, we understand the challenges of restoration work—the meticulous workmanship required to match original custom paint colors and prevent bleed, to restore plaster and repair trim features and the special planes of wood that are intricately connected.

What’s more, as a licensed lead-safe certified firm, our expert S-L craftsmen employ lead-safe work practices for lead-based repair, renovation and painting to minimize dust and ensure your home is safe for you when your renovation is completed.

Value, integrity and service are hallmarks of the S-L brand. As a home or business owner, you can always be assured your satisfaction will be guaranteed.

So call us and make S-L, with its full stable of related repair services, the trusted source and first choice for your restoration work. We’ll prove we’re the right choice every time.

At a glance:
  • A free, customized estimate details scope of work, including any problem areas (price inspection off blueprints if required)
  • Product consultation, including match and quality of materials
  • Dust control through lead-safe sanding and vacuuming
  • Production plans that avoid disruption and accommodate your day-to-day living
  • No fee financing plus credit card and online payment options

Our full stable of service offerings:
  • Painting and staining
  • Natural finishes and preservatives
  • Historical restorations and custom colors
  • Carpentry
  • Upgrade HVAC ducts and registers and radiator covers
  • High-end door restoration, refinishing and weatherproofing
  • Outdoor shutters installed and guaranteed for life; various price points to satisfy all budgets
  • Double-hung windows replaced and refurbished
  • Window sash weights repaired
  • Wood window glazing and putty installation
  • Modernization of gutter and leader systems

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